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Photo Data, incorporating JD Photo-Tools, are service providers to many diverse industries. Our products range from high resolution photo-masks, production ready photo-films, PCB scanning and reverse engineering, and Large format precision films. We are the UK agents for Agfa film products, Wise software, Linkcad and ScanCAD Inc.

Our business is built on service - in fact service has been at the core of our company philosophy since we started out more than 30 years ago.

Please take time to browse this comprehensive site - if you can't find the information you are looking for, please contact us directly. We don't hide behind call centres or automated phone systems - our product specialists are easy to contact by phone or via Live Chat, and are happy to help wherever possible... more


  • Kanti, Cambridge University
  • Our experience with your products have been excellent in the past - going by our conversation today morning, I would certainly rate your customer service and advice very highly too !
  • Lee, Inverness, Scotland
  • I would like to say a big THANK YOU …..for the support and assistance you provided us over the weekend. Time and time again, JD Phototools have been given priority orders and have delivered on every occasion, and I am very grateful for this support.
  • Nadeem, Wales
  • Mask arrived safely and is already being tested. All looks fine with it so thanks for the fast turnaround. We certainly cannot get this quality and speed of service elsewhere...
  • Andy, Rochdale, UK
  • Just a line to thank you and your team for all of your efforts in producing photo tooling... Without your support and help the task would undoubtedly been much more complicated and time consuming
  • Arun, Georgia,USA
  • Thank you very much for a prompt reply..... I am really impressed by the quality of work that you do and more importantly with the customer service you provide..
  • Craig, Adelaide, Australia
  • ...thanks for helping me rule out problems with the mask.....As in the past, the service of jdphoto has been excellent....
  • John, Bristol,UK
  • ..many thanks for the plots received this morning - they are spot on ! ..thanks again for the excellent service and speedy turnaround - if only all our suppliers were like this !




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